A Small Dream to Acquaint India with Foster Care


Agrawal's Story

Dear friends,

We would like to share with you Dr. Vandita Agrawal’s story with you. Dr. Vandita contacted us in Spring of 2013 wanting to know about Foster Care. Her story below says the rest. We are honored to have people from around the country ask to learn more about Foster Care and to bring their personal experiences and passions and collaborate with our mission and vision. We want to remind our readers that while we share the voice of many supporters of Foster Care India, we are proud to be a non-religious and non-political organization.


“I am Dr. Vandita Agrawal, a 24 year old dentist from Mumbai. I would like to share with you the incredibly heart- warming and fulfilling journey that led me to write this article.

I have always nurtured immense love and care for children. Coupled with this, my curiosity and concern for the unprivileged led me to visit St. Catherine’s Home for female orphans some time ago. Immediately on my visit, I realized the gift GOD has given me, for which I will be indebted to him for life- MY PARENTS. They not only brought me into this world, but have over-showered me with love, warmth, care and blessings.

The visit to the Home gave me the motive that “Every Child must have a family.” Upon discussions with Sister Vinita, regarding awareness of adoption (for the better future of the children in the HOME), I came across a word that took me by surprise –“FOSTER CARE.” I had never heard this word in the past and was therefore completely unaware of its implication. I accessed the Internet on the same day and tried to gain as much information as possible. The 1st site I came across was “Foster Care, India.” I was inspired by the non-institutional concept called Foster Care.

Foster Care is a temporary home where foster parents look after the child and provide them with all that they deserve in life. This selfless act of love is what inspire me and took me to action. When I enquired with my friends and close ones, I realized that only a few chosen ones were aware of the concept of Foster Care. It disturbed me that the Youth of India, being in the dark, the future of foster Care was very dim.

To spread the awareness, I approached the Family Service Centre, who deserve great accolades for their contribution in Women and Child welfare Schemes. With their assistance, I took on to sowing the seeds of this mission to ensure that Foster care gets firmly rooted in our society.

I had the privilege to speak to Mr. Ian-Anand and with his blessings; I am able to share with you my mission for “Foster Care.” I intend to spread the awareness of foster care in all the families of India.”