How we change lives

Who we are

Foster Care India believes that our work must exemplify a balance of structure and freedom, both internally and externally. In this tone, Foster Care India focuses on partnership, empowerment and capacity building of existing systems and invests in our own staff. We are working with WorldBlu. an internationally recognized organization, to create an environment where everyone is embraced and empowered.

Our Vision: Every Child's Right to Family

Our Mission

We promote foster care and kinship care as best practices for children in need of care and protection. Our work focuses on advocacy, direct practice. capacity building and research.

We believe in every child’s right to a safe, nurturing and healthy family environment. We also partner with stakeholders at local, state and national levels; and empower communities to be led by the needs and voices of all children.

Every decision at Foster Care India is informed by the child’s fundamental rights as outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

What we do

Foster Care India will contribute to the existing work on non-institutional alternative care (NIAC) in India to local, state and national levels. We aim to do this by focusing on advocacy, direct practice, capacity building and research. In this way, Foster Care India focuses to:

  • Influence the political and social environment we work in through Advocacy
  • Emphasize quality care in the state of Rajasthan and in how we engage through our Direct Practice
  • Build the Capacity of Foster Care India and partners to become better at what we do and how we dolt
  • Make sure our practice is informed by quality Research and best practice

Life-Changing Stories