Our team speaks – Kripa Devpura

I am Kripa Devpura and since birth I am living in Udaipur in my joint family. I have completed my Post Graduation and MBA from MLSU, Udaipur. I am fascinated with the beauty and cultural heritage of this city and so have explored every area of it.

I had joined Foster Care India in January 2014 and I am working as an Administrative Senior Associate here. Our whole Foster Care India team believes that we are a family and so we think that each and every person should know what is happening in which department.

In the past weeks I have been involved in the field work, I have visited an institution, worked with a 12 year old girl whose right side has paralyzed and also went to fill one base line form with a co-worker.

I visited an institution which accommodates only girls, they are either single orphan, double orphan or their families live in villages around Udaipur. Our goal was to work with girls who are of or above 14 yrs of age, to prepare them for the time when they will come out of this institution and they will have to live in the community. Our whole and soul aim is to build their capacity, to aware them about the different schemes offered by Government which can be useful for them and to make them prepare for the future. For this we are making a strategy which will make us feel more connected to them and they will feel empowered when they will come out of this institution.

My second experience in the field is by working with a 12 year old girl who has been out of school for 1.5 yrs because her right side got paralyzed. She herself and her family have lost hopes in her. Foster Care India has signed an agreement with her parents securing their participation. We are trying to build her confidence and to teach her so that she can start writing with her left hand. We want her to join school from this new session and we will work with her school to build their capacity so that they can provide her needs. The result can be seen through her notebook which she has almost filled by practicing writing with her left hand.

We are working to strengthen Palanhar Yojana families, for this the field social workers go to the door step of each Palanhar Yojana family and gather data. We went to a family of a widow who has a child of 5yrs. Thw woman is wholly dependent on her father and brother with whom she is living. She is facing some health issues and so is not able to help them. When we reached her place she greeted us with a smile and made us sit in her small rented house and also served us tea. I felt so good about this experience with the family. People are struggling for their livelihood yet they are so hospitable and nice.

We at Foster Care India believe in every child’s right to family and so we work on the continuum of care for the best interest of the child which includes family preservation, kinship foster care, non-kinship foster care, after care and adoption. We want to ensure that every child’s rights are protected and promoted; to make them a better human being who can lead this society and make their as well as this country’s future bright.

“I am proud to work for the future of this country.”
#HappyChild #HappyFamily #HappyLife #HappinessAllAround
– Kripa Devpura