Our new offices were once ‘The Love Nest’

Dear friends,

I’m only slightly kidding. In fact, the building next to ours is called the Love Nest. But there is a story, I promise…

Love NestThere is actually significant meaning here. I’ll get to the Love Nest part soon, but first, I have to be honest. When I decided to start Foster Care India I was afraid; literally afraid. You see; I wasn’t sure I could live in India. I’d visited twice, I’d watched videos and I’d read books. But living here was another thing; and many continued to ask me “Are you sure?” So, I needed a ‘test run’.

In the summer of 2009, I arranged for my Masters field work to be here in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. I lived in an apartment (loving called ‘The Love Nest’) with some amazing young people. That summer I discovered that: a) I could live in India and b) Foster Care would most definitely become a reality. Imagine that, the solidification of my dream. I still don’t even understand the full amazing-ness of it all.

So now, let’s fast-forward to this week in the beginning of May 2013. For almost two years Foster Care India has run out of my home. Today, I shifted our offices to that same apartment where I learned that Foster Care India would become a reality. It became available for rent a couple months ago and it just seemed to be the perfect place to further establish ourselves. It is symbolic that our first offices are where my dream materialized. It is inspiring that our future will continue to unfold in this three room flat that offers new eyes, vibes and confidence to our mission and vision.

I always tell friends that everything happens for a reason. And although that can sound cliché at times, for me, it is the Truth. The ‘Love Nest’ apartment will help us demand that Every Child has the Right to Family. Come visit us please and have a cup of chai with us as we move forward together.

New Office!