An 11 year old who raised $210 for Foster Care India

Dear friends,

I this young man to write you a few words about why he donated to Foster Care India for this post.

Before we hear from him, I’ll just say that I am speechlessly moved and grateful. Please read below, I hope it’ll make you smile like I am right now.

Ian Anand
President & Founder, Foster Care India

To answer your questions for your blog, I am 11. I am in the 5th grade. I heard about Foster Care India from you, the founder of Foster Care India and I enjoyed that you helped other people for a living. I decided to donate to Foster Care India because I always donate to people less fortunate than I.  I also know it is important to give people a second chance at a good life because I live with two people that were able to receive that special gift. If I have enough of what I need than why not help others receive the same treatment.
I decided that this year instead of receiving gifts from others I would give a great gift to kids that need something to look forward to.

So I decided that giving other children the gift of family was a great way to use my birthday to give back to the community, even if the community is halfway around the world.

I hope that anyone that reads this blog realizes that giving back to others is as important as life itself, because your donation could be the difference between someone’s life.

Your newsletter was great! I really like your quote,” There are no unwanted children, just unfound families.”

Keep being inspirational,