Through the eyes of a Foster Care Team Volunteer – Lalit Ji

Lalit Ji

Lalit Ji

Before I joined Foster Care India I was working at Devigarh Palace Hotel.  One day I met Foster Care India’s members and I was totally satisfied.  Finally I decided to volunteer.

This kind of NGO’s main role is to make a difference in poverty.  All people should learn about this NGO and one of the most important things in this NGO is working for children’s right to family.

I was born in 1987 in Udaipur India.  I am a very lucky person who is living with my lovely family.  In my childhood, as I saw some difficulties for children without relatives.   I saw children who ere suffering from poverty, children living without parents, children who were living without family.  We have to try to open some childcare NGOs because it is good for children.

I advise any volunteer who is interested to work at FCI to try to lean about child rights and help those who suffer without a family.  FCI is a new orgainsation in India and may do not know about it.  We should try to encourage and advertise about foster care on television, radio and newspaper because it is a good communication system to teach others about Foster Care India.  Especially, youth has a strong connection to FCI.

Compared to many years before,  the number of children being adopted is increasing day by day.  Because many new NGOs have opened in India over the last 20 years.  This work is a good contribution for children for who need a different direction towards child rights.  Government facilities and some facilities approved by government are doing schemes.  If we want FCI to grow everyday, we should try to learn and work on child rights properly.

– Lalit Ji