Through the eyes of a Foster Care India Volunteer – Kaynat

Kaynat Salmani

Kaynat Salmani

I am Kaynat from Delhi, India.   I have completed my graduation in political science honors.

I joined Foster Care India (FCI) one month ago.  I joined  because I wanted to know about those children who are alone in this world.  I also wanted to know how they are surviving and what are the alternatives for them instead of institutionalization.  I also wanted to know about the government policies that are made for them.

I think this work is not only about those kinds of children, it is what about what kind of policy we have and how can we implement for vulnerable children.  So I am working in capacity building and I am helping to make tool kits and writing materials

This is an amazing experience that I am having.  It is giving me lots of confidence and courage.  This experience will help me in my future life because I am learning how to think critically and I will use this experience when I need creative thinking.  It will help in everything.

“I want that every child should have a family; for their development mentally and socially.”  -Kaynat Salmani (Foster Care India team volunteer, age 22).