Our Team

Devashish Mishra

Mr. Devashish Mishra, from Faizabad Uttar Pradesh, joined the full time staff in October 2013 as Advocacy/ Capacity Building In-Charge. He brings to Foster Care India a wealth of experience in communications and development, combined with a broad knowledge of the community and culture of the region.

Rajesh Sharma

Mr. Rajesh Sharma, completed his Masters in Social Work from the Udaipur School of Social Work in Udaipur Rajasthan. Rajesh Ji bring extensive expertise to his post in grass route communities in health, education as well as environment. He is local to Udaipur and loves to work with children and young people. He believes that youth can make changes in the society.

Rajesh Ji joined Foster care India Udaipur on 20 January 2014 in the capacity of as Direct practice In charge and will work directly in the field with families and children.